some organic rainbows

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this weeks dyeing, drying before the rain came…


the end of autumn

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Custom dyes [and overdyes] for Vanessa

My personal challenge – a totally handspun from fleece jacket – i think it weighs 1kg already !!

Mohair, merino and camel

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a little bit more on the previous post…

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Please click on the file link for the

full schedule details  [pdf] …. sotla_A6_booklet_reduced

Saviours of the Lost Arts

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Saviours of the Lost Arts is a celebration of making and creating for everyone, from masters to starters to lovers of craft.

Craft is back! Communities worldwide are turning their focus to local products and local relationships to improve their quality of life, health and to live sustainably. This has seen a resurgence in craft across the globe, with a new generation embracing age old traditions in an effort to live simply and well.

Saviours of the Lost Arts will also develop networks and business skills to assist the growth of social enterprises within the city. Our forums, panels and social networking opportunities will evoke a new sense of craft-love in Brisbane. Seniors, the custodians of the ‘lost arts’, will have the opportunity to share their skills and engage in the intergenerational phenomenon that is developing around craft. We also recognise the significant success in passing these skills to younger generations by celebrating the work of younger artisans and craftspeople.

Workshop program – Registrations open TODAY, Friday 7 May.

Call: 3403 8698

Everyone is invited to get crafty! You don’t need any special skills, just a willingness to get involved in a new craft adventure. Workshop types include:

Make and Take – make a crafty item and take it away with you
Discovery Demonstration – marvel at the masters in a craft demonstration
Talking Heads – forums and panels on a range of craft and social enterprise topics.

Daily, after hours and weekend workshops are all on offer.

When: Mon 24 May – Sat 5 June
Where: Bleeding Heart, 166 Ann St, City + various suburban venues
Cost: Free, however places are limited so bookings essential
Workshop program – Registrations open TODAY, Friday 7 May. Call: 3403 8698

Detailed information on all the workshops is available on the Bleeding Heart website, simply click on the Saviours of the Lost Arts box from the front page

Dyed Silk caps for QSW&FA Open Day – Sunday May 30

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