Natural fleece

clockwise top left: comeback single, corrie x merino lamb single, merino hogget single, finn x suffolk sheep.
(excuse the grainy mobile phone photos)

Since moving house and many bags of raw fleece – i have been actively trying to get through all the fleece and wash and card and spin it.

it’s been great – each week i am washing at least 400 grams of fleece and in the summer heat finding it drys almost immediately – so instant gratification there 🙂

when i started spinning i had the urge to try to spin every breed of sheep.

hence the accumulation – i am nowhere near spinning some fleece from every breed, but gave it a good try!

my favourite would have to be the corriedale x merino lambs fleeces – especially a fine chocolate brown [hard to see in the pic above but divine to wash and spin], i love the little curly ends on lambs wool.

i have been either spinning from the lock or handcarding the fleece into rolags and the n predrafting it out – it makes it very esy to spin evenly.

loving it 🙂


~ by fauve on February 21, 2011.

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