dyed yarns

Rainbow 12 ply BFL

L > R

2 Boucles, 12ply Organic Merino, 100g laceweight Silk

Silk with noils 2ply

12 ply Merino

Chunky Merino

Colour block and red

Colour blocks and thicker Mohair Blend

12 ply Organic Merino

Chunky Merino


~ by fauve on April 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “dyed yarns”

  1. Oh, that rainbow 12 ply is stunning!

  2. it is one of my favourites too!

  3. these are all amazing. i love the colours you are getting. do you sell these? what dyes do you use? (if you dont mind telling me)

    • Thanks Helena!
      yep i am selling these, i am taking my etsy off vacation soon, otherwise just selling through personal messages.
      i use a variety of protein dyes depending on the effect i want!
      🙂 sally

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