bubbling away…

well things have not been updated around here for a bit.

reasons being i have few things bubbling away – ideas, concrete and semi-morphous musings. [yep i am making up words again]

there are pots of colour brewing – silk fabrics painted, dyed, printed, handdyed and handspun overflowing and red red red wool drying.

i have been felting a custom jacket from handdyed superfine merino fleece, cashgora, mohair, cashmere, milk silk, tussah silk and silk rods, working on sisters DIY wedding [ indigo dyed silk – that is still not dyed] i have some curly purly longies on the needles, i am testing my written pattern of my handspun chakra vest, sister is testing/writing the crochadot, there are still calico bags of vegetation collected from various parts of east coast australia, for dyeing experimentation lolling about next to the fleece stash. [ *vegetation collected responsibly and mindfully 🙂 ]

the fleece stash has been given notice – i have promised to diminish its towering awesomeness by at least 75% – it has also been kicked out of the loungeroom.


~ by fauve on February 10, 2010.

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