i have a clever daughter

well i have 3 clever daughters and a son but for the interest of this post

i have a clever daughter[who’s watching me type this and informing me that she is also highly intelligent also]

The week before Melbourne cup day we had a home school Friday due to a whooping cough infected child at the kids school.

Eldest was supposed to be designing a hat to wear to the classes Melbourne cup celebration but due to mama shutting down on the boundaries to the house she could not get it done at school soooo out came the coloured fleece….and she designed herself fantastic hat from scratch. We didn’t make the island festival as planned for that day but had a fantastic time creating all day

The hat base was formed on a kids bouncy “nipple” ball, smaller than a soccer ball, she wrapped the roving around the ball at crossing angles and sprayed soapy water on it stick it together . felting was the best part as being a ball it can bounce be thrown distressed in so many ways so the felt formed fairly quickly and due to the soapy involvement of the five of us on the deck we didn’t take any photos of this part of the process

When the ball was felted we cut a third off and used it as the racing hat the other two thirds I claimed and formed into a cloche style hat with a further resist flower felted to it – mamachi has it & is embellishing by needle felting some extra bits on it.

The finished felt has interesting dotted texture due to the “nipples” on the ball or if you are my three year old “it has neeeepalls” [tripperJ]

Figure 1 Dyed Merino Fleece and Silk Hankies

Figure 2 Silk Tops, Hankies, Alpaca, Fleece

Figure 3 Blending

Figure 4 More Blending -for the lighter felt flowers

Figure 5Figuring out where to cut the first piece o felt

Figure 6 Tracing the template

Figure 7 Pinning the main flower

Figure 8 Embellishing the main flower

Figure 9 the almost finished Cup hat at layout stage

the centre of the large flower is a felted button and you can see the indents from the ball “neeepalls” J in the white base felt.

Figure 10 the finished masterpiece


~ by fauve on December 3, 2009.

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