Been so long….

What have i been doing? 3 Birthdays, 1 tonsillectomy, 1 winter flu [mild due to the wonders of REAL Echinacea tincture from Echinacea Growers Aust, it numbs your mouth – which is cool and is created biodynamically from one of the cleanest places in the world], creative pursuits have been felting, dyeing, spinning , divining.

My sister is helping me to finally organise all my wools, yarns and batts for selling – either here or on my etsy.

this week i am excited – because i am indulging my spindle fetish and have some coming from the US via my sister in laws suitcase.

On their way is a Babe spindle – hard not to buy the Liten Spindel charkha also – but i have plans to build similar, so maybe I will ;-), A Schacht pear tahkli, an Indian traditional brass tahkli and a Navajo spindle.

These pics are copied from the manufacturers sites.


~ by fauve on August 18, 2009.

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