Sheep breeds

it has been a while since i updated this blog.
not to say i havent been creating. yesterday i went with the kids to a plant weaving class in the morning and wheel pottery class in the evening – another form of spinning. and i think i am probably 3 lessons away from being completely hooked.
today i am carding a whole heap of organic coopworth fleece for spinning, i have about 2kilos of it and it s soft and lustrous and has quite a long staple, i have been sold on this fleece for a while.
Coopworth is an efficient, dual-purpose sheep ideally suited to most environments in Australia. It is easy to care for and produces high milk yields for lamb production. [from ] Dual purpose, excellent mothering abilities YAY! i am keen for a couple of these in my imaginary sheep flock 😉

i am also prepping tassie border leicester locks for spindling.
i am a bit of an underling lover, + i love lustrous wool. Border leicester IS stronger, but quite honestly i believe it is all about the way you spin it. this BL is soft – and fuffy so i shall spin it loosely. who knows how it will turn out – it may not be next to skin or baby soft but it has its own beauty. i have played with terribly stron BL fleece – almost unusable but he stuff i have atm seems to be OK.
it is so easy to handle and crimpy and shiny, and damn it have you tried prepping dirty superfine merino fleece? that sucks – really does – not enjoyable!if it all turns out nasty i will use it for weaving!


~ by fauve on July 10, 2009.

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