found/lost objects

FOUND the nostepinne, found some polwarth to spin [i did find it on the front doorstop – counting it as found], found some sleep last night – a bit maybe like 90 minutes uninterrupted

finding inspiration to dye some wool, fleece yarn whateva!

losing the patience with adobe illustrator, taking 10x as long to finish job spinning while the file saves – multi tasking – productivity high

lost the plot this morning discovering the possum had knocked over my dye storage basket and chrysanthemums from mothers day and messed up my drying fleece. all ok nothing spilt that was poisonous, just wasted about 1kg of salt.

LOST the kar keys, good and proper this time. currently haus-bound


~ by fauve on May 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “found/lost objects”

  1. Oh no! Noah saw our resident possum for the first time last night and was horrified by it! He came running inside screaming and yelling ‘possu, possu, up tree, possu’. It was so funny… Sux about the car keys and being house boung. We’re off to Canberra for 4 days… looking forward to a break, even if it is Canberra 🙂

  2. Sounds wicked , like i said on your retro red rug, love the beanies they look so cosy 🙂
    aargh the possums driving me insane we have even more this year.
    FOUND the car keys.[breathes sigh of relief] going out in car now!!!!!

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