mid may, time to get cracking…

y to do list is long, but the days arent any longer, last night i spindled up some white finn fleece til 12am and then moved onto a beautiful brown corriedale lamb fleece. it was done on my newer spindle [top photo, the fuzzy one]  the other spindle is one i have almost finish apart from the hook – haveing issues wit that 😉next iteration 046next iteration 043

i am supposed to be making a jumper for my partner from the corriedale x though i keep knitting up small things [for smaller people] out of what i have spun and cant quite get started. A jumper for a 6foot 4 man! thats a lot of knitting!!

next iteration 060next iteration 055these are my new little beauties  – 9″ circs a bamboo one and a stainless steel one, they came on a plane from the US with my mother in law – i was trying to get my act together to bring in spindles, maybe even a babe wheel also but i didnt, ended up making some new spindles myself [and am so proud with this latest effort]

but  the needles are sooo cute! i didnt find them terribly hard to knit with but not terribly easy either, basically i have to knit like i am drinking a proper english cup o tea – with my little fingers pointing out they do a great job as i dont like magic loop knitting.

all the photos ar eblurry as i am – spindling til 1:30 am not good for my eyes, necessary for my wellbeing though!


~ by fauve on May 15, 2009.

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