woollie boolie

i have been knitting these longies in spurts, last week it got cold and i decided to do nothing else until i finished them. of course – i had underestimated the amount of wool required and it took me 2 days searching the house to find the last batt of graham [english leicester fleece] to spin up at a similar thickness/fuzziness to the rest of the pants. no issues once it was FOUND!
they are still greasy from my semi processing and are sooo very soft and warm.
i am proud cause i clothed my boy well with minimal chemical and this is my pattern from my head for my handspun with gusset room – but no gusset! they fit really well and will do for a while!
i knit them on 6 1/2mm 40 cm circs and used an elastic casing, all up i guess i have used about 250gm of wool – i wanted them chunky and warm as we’re going to tassie in winter and they will be necessary!
they are stupenduously waterproof and so soft [ i said that before ;)]
woollie bully 035woollie bully 015

over posing, time for tantrum

over posing, time for tantrum

high pants

high pants

soft pants

soft pants


~ by fauve on May 14, 2009.

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