back with the program

things i did today

  • appreciated the autumn day
  • washed fleece
  • dyed fibre

fleece washed today

  • coopworth
  • romney x
  • merino x corriedale
  • corrie x english leicester
  • black, silver and white polwarth
  • mmm yum

things i dyed today

  • angora rabbit fluff
  • silk coccoons
  • coopworth fleece
  • romney x fleece
  • merino tops
  • blue faced leicester tops
  • silk scarf lengths
  • corriedale x tussah yarn
  • bfl yarn

things i felted yesterday

  • rainbow scarf
  • namaste scarf
  • wrist cuff

next on the list

  • indigo and madder shibori
  • posting photos

~ by fauve on April 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “back with the program”

  1. Wow!! How do you manage to be sooooo productive? It is great. Yes please, photos would be awesome.

  2. i’m obsessed!

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