cant sleep, squooshing batts

i should be asleep, but hte batts wont leave me, i have some imperial purple sliver that i am blending with just about everything in the house. i am giving the dyepot a rest till i get some more inspiration, what is holding me back are these batts – they dont want to be spun, they want to be felted but i dont know what in to.

this morning i mad e a new spindle, a nimbler spinner, it is lovely, a bit heavier than i really wanted [ she weighs in at 60gs] but lovely all the same, i sanded her smooth,  might carve the stick a bit more to lose some of the weight. i spun some of my hand dyed fleece on the spindle this tonight whilst pissing myself laughing at frank gallagher. i love sbs i really dont know what i would do without it.

tomorrow i am going to have another go at my supported spindle project which means another trip to the hardware store for another size up drill bit – i should have measured the bearing. i do like excursions to the hardware shop, i would like a drill support with angle settings [do they make those?] and a chisel – a chisel would be good.


~ by fauve on April 20, 2009.

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