Mossy Felted Scarf


this is why i love felting, i started carding the sliver and curls around 10 am on a saturday as i want/needed a scarf to wear camping that night, by 11am i was wet felting the body of the scarf , shortly after that was embellishing it and wearing it.

yes it was wet, but it dried and it was exactly what i wanted and needed – no shopping trip necessary 🙂

material used were merino slivers, hand dyed kid curls, dyed silk cap, silver danglers and glass beads.

i am sitting here planning the next felt project, i’m thinking a waistcoat that i can wear to tasmania in the winter. i dyed some fleece today that reminds me off the still green treetops that i was looking at on my back deck.

the leaves aren’t turning in a traditional autumn way – they arent deciduous – but they’re also not putting their energy into new growth seeing as winter is coming.

it was interesting, my random dyepot chanelled the vibe perfectly.

The Treetops

The Treetops


~ by fauve on April 9, 2009.

One Response to “Mossy Felted Scarf”

  1. Just found your blog…LOVE your scarf! I know what it is like to felt for IMMEDIATE satisfaction, what a lovely creation

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