new fleece, new fleece, new batts, new batts!!!!

i have bit the bullet as i was nearing the critical unspun stash limit. it is a wide berth to having no fibre but it is a scary place to be knowing i might need fibre before the weekend. yes i am an addict i get a gooey headrush when i see fibre, i cant hear or see anything but 🙂
i have some EL locks on their way, some EL x fleece from a sheep called Steve [love it, apparently he is similar to Graham so i shall be happy]
also on its way – just shorn today [wikked] is some ulrafine polwarth in black, dark grey and white – i cant wait.
and from another source some fine Comeback fleece and more fine merino roving, kid curls and a flicker.
i think that should do – except i have just remembered after three coffess i may have emailed someone about getting a kg of finn fleece. shit. excessive. no i shall wirte it off on nexts weeks sheep budget:}
oh crap i have now just detailed my addiction.

and so my batts from finland arrived this morning they have been floating around the ocean for a while – maybe they were in a cargo hold, but i like the idea of them floating much better.
they are naturally dyed with lac, madder, cochenille, weld, annanto.
the blends include merino, finn sheep, tussah, silk noil, slubs and cotswold locks and many other delicious spinnable goodness.

i watched a doco on SBS last night about a danish woman flying her small little piper plane from denmark to kabul in afghanistan.
what joy, those mountain are huge, some 3kms high! her plane just made it awesome awesome trip!
i wanna fly a plane 🙂


~ by fauve on April 1, 2009.

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