Burgoyne and soap nuts nut

Burgoyne's Fleece

Burgoyne's Fleece

Burgoyne was my favourite fleece to start with, his fleece was my first success from scratch and it is such a soft curly wonderful staple, yesterday when i was washing the last 250gms i used soap nut washing liquid to lift the grease and dirt.

Soap Nut detergent

soap nut washing liquid [hot soak] – only requires three things

  1. 300 grams of soap nuts
  2. hot hot hot water to fill 2 litre bottle.
  3. sealable glass bottles – mine were about 700mls each
  • this is very simple and i have found to be effective, just pour hot water over the soap nuts and let them steep till cool, i left them at least an hour.
  • pour off into glass bottles to store, repeat the hot soak – i get about 3 repeats and use the different lots/strengths for different applications
  • strong lots for dishwashing liquid and fleece cleaning – greasy stuff y’know*;
  • medium lots for dishwashing, clothes washing;
  • diliuted lots for washing body, hair, woollens and floor cleaning

* as mentioned before when using this for fleece – if it is too greasy i need a bit of extra help otherwise i would be using all my soap nut liquid up!it is very effective and for mopping the floors.

the soap nut liquid worked beautifully on Burgoyne’s fleece, not so well on the other fleeces as they are so much greasier, both heidi and graham are greasy sheep.

as i understand the saponins in soap nuts dont harm delicate structure of wool, so i am bypassing a few problems i have in fleece processing

  • petroluem products – dishwashing detergent cuts through the grease – it is a petroleum product though and tends to be expensive and not smell so nice! but works a treat!
  • pure soap – is alkaline and damages the fibre structure, not had much success either but i am also not always pre organised when the fleece washing bug gets me.
  • glycerine soap – doesnt really work for me
  • natural detergents – ie vege based detergent like SLS free stuff – is too precious to use – unless i find another type – will look into it
  • soap nut detergent – excellent for lifting  the dirt and a lot of the grease – i had problems getting the grease out of graham with my recipe though.

Dirty Corriedale Cotton puFF

beautiful fibre though – 0ntussah and corridale in subdued lightingce you get through the crap on the ends.


~ by fauve on March 30, 2009.

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