i love my corriedale….

what started as a daggy, seedy but supersqishy corridale fleece is emerging as my favourite fleece right now.

Washed Corriedale Fleece

Washed Corriedale Fleece

i have been flick carding the ends with a dog comb, and dreaming of a pair of handcarders [x’ing fingies i get one on wednesday night] to help me get the seeds out better but hey it is satisfying ending up with something so soft and luxe.

Corriedale Tussah Silk Yarn
i have been mainly spinning from the lovely crimpy locks, and am keeping all the short fibres for felting a winter hat.
the kids have been helping me tease out the debris and spindling some themself though the 3 girls fight over the two spindles in use atm!

on saturday night i spun three singles all about 60gms /2oz each – and they are fine – i have aproblem falling in the love with each new creation.
i have a desire to spin some mixed fibre batts so i have been on etsy this morning browsing [and dribbling on the keyboard]

yesterday i started freeform crocheting a neckwarmer out of noro silk garden, though i m a 3rd through i think i might frog it and start again not to pleased – maybe i will start knitting from the end, not sure yet.

i love the Noro it is blissy on the fingers and the eye.


~ by fauve on March 16, 2009.

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