Friday again…

this week i have been spinning at night
in the day i am wrangling the two smallest children and trying to get three graphic design jobs done.
i am very tired.
today is friday and everything i have put off [till friday] is now due and all i can do is google navajo plying or hand carders and ogle spinning gear. not good for business 🙂

anyhow, back to the fleece
i have had a breakthrough with graham’s fleece [ grey corriXenglish leicester] – i no longer curse him to hell for growing such a #$%#%up fleece. armed with some lemon oil and morning fresh i properly but gently degreased the fleece on tuesday. kept the lock formation an’ all!

and it is beautiful i will post pictures [when i can get them off camera – card reader still missing] it is a beautiful soft silvery blue fleece – probably my favourite fleece to spin at the moment.
on wednesday night i purchased a very soft white corriedale fleece, it is milky white and soft and crimpy so different to graham’s soft half curls.
it is pretty good but needs carding to remove VM, my dog comb techniques is just not working with the fleece – i need to buy real hand carders. which brings me back to the graphic design and the google search and reminds me i better get to work 🙂


~ by fauve on March 12, 2009.

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