Fabulous Fibre Friday

Cashmere Single on my Serena WheelFawn cashmere single spun on my Serena wheel.

Emerald City

Amaryllisfine merino single, approx 5 WPI, i love this colourway.

i dyed this and a few more singles after i spun them and they have turned ot strong lustrous and deep hued. and so soft!

last night i sat up and spun some dyed kid mohair locks, it was so much fun, i love spinning locks of mohair,, undyed but when they are dyed it dbecomes a whole trip through colours, these were emerald green through grass green to deep green at the lock tip – trying to find my card readeer so that i can download the photos.

i also spun about 100gms of graham, who i will speak about later – at one stage i kicked over my beloved spinning wheel – i was that frustrated.

burgoyne’s fleece is probably one of the easiest things i have found to spin, grahams the hardest-   though it was not more frustrating than my foray into degummed hemp, i still have a bad taste in my mouth over that one 🙂


~ by fauve on March 6, 2009.

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